" Sri Rama Jayam "


  • This SABHA started in 1970 and it was registerd as a trust in 2015 (wide regn no 17/2015 )and Maharanyam SRI SRI MURALIDHARA SWAMMIGAL, inagurated the trust on 14-04-2015
  • The object of SABHA is to propagate the importance of Ramayana, Mahabharadha ,and other puranas among the public in India .
  • So for we have conducted 50,000 Religious Discourses on Ramayana , Mahabharadha and Divya Prabanthams in various places of Tamilnadu including Chennai by various scholars .
  • In Chennai city, on every Friday Vedha Parayanams were conducted by Ridhwiks on rig , yajur and samavedha in the temples and houses of bakthaas.
  • Vasthra Dhanams were distributed to the poor people for every Diwali and Pongal festivals.
  • We have helped several old age homes and conducted eye camps and health camps at various places .
  • The main object of the SABHA is to rebuild the damaged old temples .
  • We are also protecting cows in our go salaa at (Mavalavaadi villadge ..)
  • From the next year onwards students of vedhapatasalas will be honoured.
  • Now we are seeking donation from the bakthaas for purchasing and construction of Sri Mahalakshmi temple at Madipakkam
  • We are going to construct a temple for lord siva at arcot villadge situated 15kms from( madhuranthangam of kanchipuram district.) which is now situated in a hut
  • Education aid he is being given to poor students as and when necessity arises.